Customer Choice

August 16, 2011

Enrollments After August 16th

The Customer Choice program runs from April 1st thru March 31st each year.   As a supplier, we are required to flow 1/12 of your natural gas needs each month.  As a residential customer (or any commercial customer whose main gas use is space heating), the majority of your gas is generally used during the colder winter months.  Therefore, the 1/12 that we flow during the warmer, “less usage” months goes into storage for you to use when you need it during the colder winter months.  This is how you are able to capture the lower prices as driven by supply and demand. That gas is stored for later use lessening the amount of higher priced gas that is needed to be flowed on your behalf during the colder months.

When a residential customer (space heating commercial customer) signs up in the Customer Choice program Mid-Year, we do not have that 6 months of 1/12 lesser priced gas stored for you.  Therefore, there is what is called a supplier equalization charged by the utility to Bishop Energy.  This means that the Utilities gas price is mixed with our price of natural gas sold to you, resulting in a potentially higher price than what we would have charged had all your gas been flowed strictly by us.

It is our goal to remain below the utilities price, and we believe that we can still do so with anyone who wants to sign up mid-program year, but your price still may not be as low had you started at the program start date of April 1.

Bishop Energy Has Re-entered The Customer Choice Program

Due to popular demand Bishop Energy is offering the Customer Choice Program to Consumers Energy customers.  We can now offer our services to large and small commercial customers as well as residentials.  Small users now have the opportunity to buy gas using a similiar strategy that many of our large transport customers use. 


If you are a commercial or residential user please click on the FAQ link to learn more about our program. Feel free to review our pricing history. We have a proven money saving track record that we are proud to share.  Give us a call at 877-631-1536 if you have any questions or would like our assistance with enrollment.


If you are a transport customer and are interested in switching suppliers give us a call or send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .